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You have a vision for your company’s growth? Are you able to keep up with that vision? To stay competitive in today’s fast-paced world, it’s crucial to plan for your future, to not only keep pace with – but to enhance – your business growth. Our payroll services include everything your business needs now and as you grow. We provide comprehensive, customized and personalized payroll services for each individual client. Our payroll service is designed to meet your specific needs.

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Medicaid Billing


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We offer unmatched payroll processing services available at an unbeatable price! With your assistance, SolutionsPRO can save your company money on ALL your payroll needs including, but not limited to, checks/direct deposit for your employees–tax filing–check stub requirements, compliance and reports. With us, you get the personal attention you deserve.


At SolutionsPRO we have skilled and knowledgeable representatives to ensure Medicaid funds are secured with total accuracy and timeliness. Our team members are fluent in troubleshooting billing issues and proper submission.


Allow SolutionsPRO to help your company increase revenue while assisting in company growth objectives and expansion. We are here to service your company needs with an abundant level of privacy, precision and respect.

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